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Wiccan Spell to get over from Your Last Relation or Wiccan Love Spell to forget about the person you really loved. This love spell will heal your broken heart.

Witchcraft and Wicca Spells, Information on Wicca and Witchcraft, Magic SpellsPowerful Witchcraft and Wicca Spells. Information on Witchcraft and Wicca availableThis is again a very simple yet effective Wiccan Love Spell that will help you in forgetting the person completely so that you can start a happy loving relation with someone you feel is your soulmate.

You will need a Datura Seed, Black Cloth, black thread and a picture of the person who you wish to forget.
Cast Magic Circle with Salt. You will have to do this spell casting in the night after sun set. Take the picture of the person you wish to forget. On the picture with the help of a black marker write these words ZER DUSHMAN ZER DAR DAR HOIE. After that take the Datura Seed , roll the picture on the seed, then take the black cloth put the Datura seed and the picture that is rolled on the Datura seed together in the black cloth and tie a know with the black thread in such a way that the picture and the seed are inside the black cloth , sealed or tied with the black thread. Once this is done then catch the black cloth with the right hand, concentrate hard and put all your energy on the cloth removing all the hatred on the cloth. When this will happen you may also cry or be sad but don't worry let all the energy be released and there will be a time that you will feel happy and satisfied. Once this is done then you may burry the black cloth in any garden. Once this happens all the emotions or luv that you had will be buried and you will feel happy and relieved. Soon you will notice that all the old thoughts are gone and vanished and now you can start a new and a healthy love life with your soul mate.

Remember if you have faith in god every thing is possible and if you don't have faith in god then any thing you do any type of witchcraft or any other power nothing can be achieved so remember that
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