Pentagrams And Pentacles.

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Pentagrams are of various types like celtic pentagrams, satanic pentagrams, revenge or protection pentagrams and more.

Here you will find information on various pentagrams, charms and talismans, more information I will be adding soon.

Pentagram as from the name it is five pointed star and one of the stars facing upwards, it is said to be an amulet of protection and peace, and it is a very well known religious symbol.

Pentagram has got its name from a Greek symbol called Penta meaning 5 and as it has 5 points or it is pointed from 5 sides it is called as pentagram.

As said earlier that pentagrams are a symbol of protection from all evil affects, evil sources it can also be dangerous if worn upside down as that resembles evil and, people who practice evil spells, evil magic etc use it upside down as remember it can be very dangerous if misused and specially upside down.

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