Meditation Techniques.

Meditation Techniques, Magic Spells, Spiritual Powers. TalismansMeditation Techniques, Use Meditation in Magic Spells, Talismans and Charms available for meditation, learn how to meditateMeditation is another name of Spirituality or Spiritual Powers.

Meditation or Spiritual Powers:
See firstly in this world stop trusting on others, as this era is of destruction no one cares for anyone, everybody is selfish and bad, see before brothers used to love each other but now they are trying to kill each other the reason is this world is coming to an end so peoples mind are changing so remember you are the best but others are different.

If you will notice now days, even lovers don't trust each other, you will see people are having affairs etc, they don't care why?, all these questions do disturb and this changes your way of living and thinking you may be puzzled and confused ?

The reason is peoples mind is changing, now they don't have the love that was there before, so the key is if you can realize the facts and control your own mind then all these things and troubles will never effect you right.

I will change your thinking through meditation ok, first as i told you before people are changing you cannot trust any one, and remember again you are thinking now, if you want to survive think for yourself and not others or you will land in trouble these are all principles of meditation and once you are strong nothing in this world will effect or trouble you, see when you think, you get sick and then land up into problems like heart etc

Remember when you think a lot you get trouble then this may effect your health, you land up in troubles and diseases like blood pressure etc, see if you will notice that before average human had a very long life and now they do have short life why the answer is that their way of thinking has changed there is no true love now every one is selfish so u have to change with them right

Why I am saying you all these things as you should exactly know now what this world is about etc , so you know what ever is happening is not your fault, you can do any thing you want , people don't care so why you should care and that's why through meditation we will control our thoughts and thinking ok

Yes I know you like to help others but then when you know once that this world is bad then you should not wait for the results or positive answer from their side, like when you help some one that's good, see god knows you have helped right, then why do u want results from them, you helped fine god will reward you and you be happy but don't expect results from others as I explained before now things have changed right

Meditation is is an art of controlling your mind your thought and realizing about the present world and situation, see if you are helping others that s greatness in you, but then god will reward don't wait for results people are bad, and
that's why I told you if some one hurts you or troubles you or disturbs you, then if you know you are the best but people have changed then you will never be disturbed by them but will always laugh and will be happy and will only feel pity for them right

Yes see it is your way of thinking once you change your thinking realize the people around you then you will be happy as if you notice till now what ever has happened it has because of the people around you, and it was never your fault so this shows that your surroundings are bad, first you make your mind clear you are the best but the people around you are bad and if they do something wrong then you should feel pity for them, that how sad they don't know what they are doing and then these things wont disturb you as you know the realities of life right

Yes see you are a nice person, but if people fight etc then you cant do anything as I told you they are confused they don't know what is right or wrong see you should be your own best friend don't trust any one, and think only for yourself and again your happiness should be first then others right

Well see remember it is better to have few friends but good ones rather then having plenty but cant trust any one right, see why I am explaining all this as these are the first lessons of meditation and I hope once reading all these things you will develop a lot of confidence in yourself

Ok my friend now as you know and we all know that we are living in a very evil world so it is important for us to control our thoughts ok, so first we will learn to control our thoughts like when you are thinking negative or are being disturbed by some thinking then how to control our thoughts ok ready

Yes see you think negative because your mind controls you and your body but instead you should learn to control your mind and don't allow your mind to control you, see our mind is like a wild horse it keeps on running but you should learn to control it or it will take you no where right

Ok now listen to what I say ok, first thing close your eyes only for ten seconds and repeat your name continuously without thinking any thing only for 10 seconds and tell me what happened ok,

Ok tell when u blocked your mind for 10 seconds did u think any thing and what happened, after this again for 10 seconds block your mind and don't say or think any thing just be blank and tell me what happened ok I am waiting

See this exercise is very difficult but if you can learn it and extend your time of blocking your mind then suppose you are sitting and some bad thought comes into your mind immediately before thinking just do this exercise, so that your thoughts are blocked and through meditation you have stopped it and then suddenly one day you will see you have learnt to control all your thoughts and mind

see we will go step by step no hurry ok see first what I want you to learn is block your mind first for 10 then 20 then 30 etc and tell me how much do u succeed see this is difficult but this is the first step to your success and you tell me tomorrow how much you succeeded and then we will go ahead ok.

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