Astral Power or Power of Subconscious Mind


Astral Power or Power of Subconscious MindLearn the powers of Astral Power or Power of Subconscious Mind ASTRAL POWER OR POWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
Many people are very much confused about the concept of Astral Power or the Power of Subconscious Mind, again I have done lots of research and today I am here to explain you the full concept and how to achieve this power.

Firstly you all are aware that was is a subconscious mind or power, we are ruled by our subconscious power, and if know and if we can conquer this power then we are the most powerful person in this whole world, we are divided in 2 parts one outer side that is controlled by our brains and one inner side that is controlled by our subconscious mind.

For example, when we breathe, we don't have to think that we have to breathe it is controlled by our subconscious mind power, again for example when we think in our mind that we need to get up early in the morning and some times you see that you do get up early at that time, and you are confused that how this has happened, so the answer is here, it is the subconscious mind power that is responsible for waking you up, also when you forget some thing, you are very confused and you don't know where it is, but then later when you are cool suddenly you remember or at times you are forced to go at that place where you may find your lost good etc, so the basic concept is that your subconscious mind is very strong and if you can control it then you can do any thing in this world.

Also any type of disease, sickness any thing can be completely cured by the power of subconscious mind.

Now you may ask or have a question that how can you achieve this power, so the answer lies in meditation, you will have to order your subconscious mind by the help of meditation to work for you, and as I have explained earlier how to go ahead and start meditating
Now Astral Projection, what is this, well you may be surprised but even if you are in your own house you can go any where you want even outside your country and come back, this is by the power of subconscious mind, for example there was a person, who while he was sleeping had witnessed a murder in another country when he got up he did an enquiry about it and found out that it was true and murder had taken place he was surprised, the reason was that while he was asleep, his soul had traveled to another country and had witnessed the murder, so that is astral projection by which while you are asleep you can see the whole world with the help of your should, but again this is possible by conquering your subconscious mind.

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